4 thoughts on “Veronica Rodriguez Official Site Is Now Open!”

  1. rudy molina says:

    hi ms. veronica rodriguez my name is rudy molina im 28 & i live in san diego.i just have to say youre extremely beautiful in every aspect.even my wife agrees.lol.i had to show her who i watch when she asked you know.you have a lot of similarities and she was actually happy it was.i havent seen all of your work but you are my favorite hands down.you are great and i thank god for blessing our world with you in it.im interested in purchasing a poster or a pic of you but where should i go?and also if at all possible how could i go about getting it signed by you? my bday is on march 20,i wanna treat myself to something that i consider priceless.sentimental value goes a long way to me 🙂 please, keep doing all the great things you do.youre truly the best remedy for good days as well as my bad days.well thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.i hope to hear from you soon.love you! (had 2 say it lol) – rudy molina (littlerudy2013@gmail.com)

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Veronica , I am also a big fan and like to see your videos , I really like the way you smile and all your sexy looks. The guys and girls must really like to be in scenes with you ,I know I would like it . You are so beautiful and lovely to watch ,thanks for all you do

  3. Darrell Cagle says:

    hi…sent you a message on twitter… you’re the hottest… hope to meet you sometime…

  4. Guy says:

    Hello Veronica you are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS cloths on or off,I love your smile I hope to meet you some day…and I wish you all the luck with your site…

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